This site contains authentic ESOL and Literacy materials specifically designed with the learner's needs in mind. It is essentially a resource bank for ESOL materials. At present we are posting our own materials for teachers to access and in the future we hope other teachers will do the same. Authentic materials with an Irish context are not easy to find and we hope that these materials will assist tutors in delivering a fruitful ESOL program.

This web site is in its infancy but we feel that there is a need for materials to be accessible online immediately albeit in a rough and ready fashion. We are full time teachers working in Dublin, cycling from centre to centre, and so what we have here are the bare bones, minus lesson plans. We simply don't have the time to submit lesson plans and so we are taking for granted that teachers around the country will use their own creativity in organizing a plan for these materials

















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All materials on this website are free to download for use in class