About Us

We are two full time ESOL tutors working in Dublin city, based primarily in four centres, cycling between them. We have gained valuable experience over the past decade working with a broad range of learners from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. We have been lucky enough to work with many learners of low level English language and literacy skills, while in tandem developing our own teaching techniques. A product of this experience has been the creation of an extensive resource bank, with worksheets designed to suit our own learners' language abilities.

We recognise that NALA and other centres and projects around Ireland have made great efforts to provide free, online ESOL centred materials, and our purpose is to add to this effort. At the heart of this website is our desire to share materials with fellow ESOL tutors. We aim to develop a sharing facility where tutors can upload their own materials for free downloadable access.

In our experience none of the ESOL groups we have encountered have ever fitted a specific pattern, with varying degrees of individual strengths and weaknesses. This has encouraged us in our continual development of learner-centred materials.


















All materials on this website are free to download for use in class.